Friday, November 5, 2010

It works!

I really do think that you can plan to be happy. For me that means a certain level of organisation, a feeling that I am making progress, and a sense of achievement. Yesterday I ticked several things off the long list I have accrued since arriving back in town. Most of the items are bills to pay and research to progress.

Anyway, things did go well with the boy - his mood was different yesterday after spending the previous night in doing his administrivia. It is really astounding how much of a difference that makes!
So the upshot of all the angst is that he does want to move in, he's just a bit nervous. Understandable, no?

I, being the understanding nurturing type, do get that. So anyway we are on! In t-8 days! We will be cohabiting. I will have a 'de facto'. Eek. That is a bit full-on!

Bring it on! I like to make a decision, then dive right on in. It is hard to understand how others struggle with that - I've always found it difficult to empathise with. What was I saying about being understanding again?

I have to get a birthday present for a dear friend this afternoon.
1/ Tomato seedlings inside a colourful watering can
2/ Cook book
3/ Beautiful bottle of wine
4/ Gorgeous handmade pottery tea cups

Off to work!

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