Wednesday, November 17, 2010


We moved in! Amid 31 degree heat, lots of dust, sore backs... and now here we are living together in our beautiful little cubby house in the sky! So far, so good. I know my lover was nervous, and to be honest I was too. It really is a big step! I think we were ready to make it though.

Anyway yesterday was a wonderful day. I'm working in toxicology, drug and alcohol, and general medicine this week, and these three hats are keeping me very very busy! Toxicology is fascinating though. I have to say that it's apparent that there are lots of people in pain right now. I'm sure it's probably always been true; maybe I'm only just now paying attention. My patients at the moment include a single mother who ate three handfuls of herbicide pellets, a 21 year old who took an overdose of his antipsychotic and washed it down with a bottle of Scotch, and a 26 year old divorced mum whose new partner recently cheated on her took two packets of cold and flu tablets.

I know this sounds tragic, and it is. We see a lot of suffering. But what is really wonderful about this work is that we can do things to help these people. All of the people I mentioned above are doing very well, and here they can access psychiatric help and community support too. In my very small way, I really feel as though I can be part of the solution in this job. Maybe a very small part. But it's good work and I'm so very lucky to do it.

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