Thursday, May 10, 2012

The new rules

There was a great article in the weekend Sydney Morning Herald about the cloud of guilt that many mothers carry around with them.

I must say that as a woman in her first trimester, I'm already familiar with multiple expectations, Dos and Don'ts... And I'm behaving accordingly. The "Don't" list for pregnant ladies these days is pretty extensive:

1/ ham, prosciutto, salami
2/ pâté
3/ mayo
4/ blue cheese, goat cheese, feta, ricotta
5/ alcohol (hard to argue with that one)
6/ leftovers more than 1 day old
7/ salad leaves not scrupulously washed
8/ hot baths
9/ fish more than once a week
10/ oysters
11/ sushi and sashimi
12/ peeled prawns
13/ caffeine (allowable, but frowned upon by the books)

And Dos:
1/ pregnancy vitamins, esp folate
2/ sleep (I wish)
3/ exercise
4/ lots calcium
5/ etc etc

So far I've given up caffeine - unbelievable for me! Even managed to get through emergency night shifts on peppermint (not too much! Might be dangerous!) and rooibos (jury still out) tea. So even though I'm trying to be virtuous, am I an inadvertent badass?

I'm also on the vitamins, eating well, yada yada yada. But the lady's not a saint. Last night I had a few tablespoons of the world's most delicious dip, Italian olive dip (Yumi brand) that's made from olives and mayonnaise. Oh the humanity! Listeria here we come!! But you know what? I loved every single morsel. And so did Peanut!

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