Thursday, December 22, 2011

Love for Sale...

I'm spending a week working at a small town emergency department. Away from my man and feeling lonely and a bit isolated... A bit pathetic really as it's just a week and I see him in 2 days! I'm working evenings, the least sociable hours, and staying in a circa 1958 motel. For someone who I thought tended toward solitude - this is a lesson indeed! Maybe I like to have the option for some 'me' time but a whole enforced week does not a happy girl make.

Anyway am keeping busy with big dreams of gorgeous places to live next year, arranging my work terms, planning holidays.

Next year I'm taking lover on a sneaky trip to beautiful Queenstown for a weekend! We'll snuggle up, throw snowballs and stroll the beautiful wintry streets. Can't wait!

And speaking of Sale, it's actually a beautiful place! I'm walking round the lake each day before work. So there are worse places to be.

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