Monday, December 6, 2010

The young ones

Had a wonderful weekend of family and joy! Went back to my hometown, met my newest neice, and went to the wedding of my cousin, whom I've known all my life. Saw family I haven't seen (and have sorely missed) for 5 years!

1/ Dinner and precious catch-ups with one of my dearest friends
2/ Lunch with my Dad
3/ Meeting little tiny Ayva, 15 days old (I know! Why the 'Y'? Seriously!)
4/ Seeing my cousin's bride step out of her stretch Hummer (Seriously!)
5/ Watching my Uncle Sam play guitar and sing their bridal waltz, 'The Young Ones', by Cliff Richard. Never thought that Cliff could make me cry! Pure family magic. Wonderful moments.
6/ Time with my Mum!
7/ My wonderful partner sharing it all.


And, to top it all off... my run of nights has ended! I am no longer a creature of the darkness! Bring on the sunshine!

And, the Christmas tree... this week we're going to find one, our very first Christmas tree! That will hopefully make the whole house smell like pine needles and delight.

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